Athletes Performance & Injured

There are all kinds of athletes out there.  Many of us are athletes and do not even realize it!  If you run 5-7 days a week, do 5K's several times a year, obstacle races, do group classes several times week, your carpenter, USE YOUR BODY LIKE AN ATHLETE...and you need to TRAIN AND TREAT IT LIKE AN ATHLETE WOULD!!

What I like to call, "occupation athletes" are not professional sports players, they are people who have physical jobs and if you want to continue to do that physical job for many many years to come we can help you!!  Again, fisherman, carpenters, contractors, farmers.  Often these amazing people think because they have a "physical job" they do not need exercise..WRONG!  These jobs involve a lot of repetitive actions which causes some muscles to be tight and others to not be activating.  This pulls the body out of alignment and causes pain.

Our typical athletes, sports players also do a lot of repetitive actions often leading to pain, discomfort or chronic stiffness.  And we work with these kinds of athletes, however, some athletes are looking to jump higher, kick harder, run faster, swing harder, have faster reflexes and be more agile.  We work with them too!  For example, this past year I had the pleasure of working with a young basketball player who was doing a lot of squats to make his legs stronger so he could dunk but it was not working!  Within 2 weeks of training at Studio 3 he was reaching the rim!  

Whether you are a sports athlete or an occupation athlete, you might need to perform better in your sport or on the job.  Maybe you have pain or discomfort keeping you from being at your best, contact us, we can help!


We are open whenever classes are going on.  If you have questions about the studio or would like to make an appointment please feel free to contact us.



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