Human Movement & Corrective Exercise

This is a specialized area of personal training where we work with clients who have pain in their joints or other areas.  We find which muscles are causing the problem and then we, first, work with the client to come up with a maintenance exercise program to keep them out of pain and then correct the imbalance in the muscles to keep it from coming back.

Sometimes muscles around a joint are working too hard and become too tight.  This often occurs because we do the same motions with our bodies every day.  Just because a muscle is "tight" does not mean it is "strong".  Other muscles may not be activating at all during the actions and need to be strengthened.  When muscles are over working and others are under working it causes the body to move out of alignment often leading to yanking and pulling which creates pain.

Many people walk around thinking this is something they have to live with!  Thinking...."oh it is just an old sports injury, it's always done that"....or ..."this is what happens when you get old".  But this may not be the case, we might be able to help you and you may not have to live in pain!

This training is also perfect for people who are finishing up with physical therapy, want to continue to exercise to keep the joints healthy but are not sure how and need some guidance.


We are open whenever classes are going on.  If you have questions about the studio or would like to make an appointment please feel free to contact us.



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