Stacy Gogolinski, LMT, FMT Kineisiology Taping Certified

Mahaley Witham, LMT

Bethany Blastow, LMT


  • Increase circulation

  • Stimulates lymphatic system helping move toxins out of the body

  • Increases serotonin and dopamine (mood lifters) which can help with depression and lack of motivation

  • Decreases cortisol (stress hormone) which can help improve stress and anxiety

  • Loosen tight muscles which may help chronic pain 

  • Helps muscle imbalances which lead to/cause pain

  • May improve poor sleep patterns

  • Can help improve posture

  • Aids in digestion and can help constipation

Deep Tissue/Therapeutic Massage

Foot Treatment Massage

Your feet are one of the most important parts of your body.  When the feet are unhappy, the hips, knees, ankles and back are often unhappy too! 

Treat your feet right for only $55!

  • heated towels

  • essential oils if you choose 

  • your choice of foot scrub, clay mask, deep moisturizing lotion for feet & lower leg

  • choice of hand or neck massage while you wait for the clay treatment 

  • deep tissue massage for feet & lower leg